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About Simple Group

What is Simple Group

Simple-Group Private Limited ("Simple Group") is a start-up on a mission to become the growth catalyst for SME owners in Singapore. As a business consultancy, we advise local SMEs on three key areas of growth: digitalising their operations (Digitalisation), helping their business internationalise (Internationalisation), and growing revenue and/or reducing cost through strategic review, process redesign, fund raising and more (Advisory).

Makan Singapore! is a brainchild of Simple Group that was birth from the aspiration to bring the best food Singapore has to offer all over the world.

​Supporting Services

Additional Services that we provide:

Partner Selection Advisory

Shortlisting and Studying of Franchise Partners to Distil Suitable Candidates for Franchisor

Supply Chain Advisory

Establishing Supply Chain and Distribution Capabilities in order to Scale Franchise Model

Franchise Agreement Drafting

Drafting Official Franchise Agreements to Safeguard Both Franchisors' Commercial Interests and Overall Franchise Success

Operational Process Advisory

Designing SOPs incorporating Industry Best Practices to maintain Quality at Scale

Franchise Agreement Negotiation

Advising and Negotiating for the Best Feasible Terms in the Franchise Agreement between Franchisor and Franchisee

Business Set Up and Licensing

Incorporating of Legally-recognised Commercial Entity and Obtaining Necessary Business License(s) 

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