Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice


Brand Description

Founded in 1930, our long reign withstands the test of time as it is dubbed the nation’s most popular curry rice till today. We take pride in our signature curry gravy, a unique blend of 15 handpicked spices, fresh coconut and soya sauce, delivering a smooth blend of rich spices with subtle notes of sweetness. Soft rice coupled with our large spread of traditional side dishes, is served in a generous glaze of curry. A recipe that has been passed down through three generations, our curry promises a comforting embrace with every bite.

Home to us is the tradition of using metal scissors to cut food into pieces. Each cut gives off an audible “shick” sound that echoes through the streets of Jalan Besar, giving rise to our iconic name. Scissors cut serves as a reminder of simpler times and nostalgia, with loyal customers who have grown with us as we continue to attract customers from different backgrounds.

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Franchise Format

Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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