Sharoq Khan Restaurant

Brand Description

Founded in 1982, Sharoq Khan Restaurant has been operating for 3 generations. Mr Alam Khan, the current owner of Sharoq Khan Restaurant has taken over the business in order to continue the legacy that his father has painstakingly built. Being the 3rd generation owner, Mr Alam Khan has big plans to grow his business, for people all around the world to taste the unique dishes served at Sharoq Khan Restaurant.

Sharoq Khan Restaurants takes pride in their dishes which overwhelms customers with a taste of home on every visit. What is so unique about them is their hand-made spice bags that are completely different from what is offered on supermarket shelves, making every dish exude a homely taste. This is exactly how Sharoq Khan restaurant maintains a loyal customer base.

Apart from having a loyal local customer base, Sharoq Khan Restaurant has garnered immense support from tourists in Vietnam and Taiwan. Mr Alam Khan wishes for people around the world to enjoy his food, as much as he enjoys serving his customers.

Franchise Format

Standalone Outlet, Food Court

Franchise Country