One Prawn & Co

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We are a band of young and passionate individuals determined to keep the Singaporean culture and our heritage alive. Inspired by the flavours of Penang prawn noodles and Japanese ramen broth, we offer a culture filled menu, enriched with unique flavours. Visit us and be serenaded with a generous bowl of our signature Prawn Noodle. Our broth is rich and full-bodied so prepare your tastebuds for the subtle sweetness that comes through - we brew our broth for hours to get that distinct taste. Every dish on our menu is prepared with the utmost care and our talented chefs not only have a pension for creating mind numbingly delicious food but a deep rooted love for every ingredient and the culture it represents.

One Prawn Noodle is headed by Gwyneth Ang, with more than 10 years under her belt working in established restaurants like Burnt Ends, Tong Le Private Dining and Forlino. Her experience has enabled her to implement great techniques across different cuisines, resulting in every bowl of prawn noodle packed with mouth-watering goodness.

All ingredients are handpicked by us to ensure that only the best quality is given to customers. Our signature soup features two components, the combination of a prawn bisque and tonkotsu-style broth. Every bowl of soup is painstakingly made daily by first simmering pork bones over long hours, achieving a creamy and collagen-rich soup. Sautéed fresh prawn shells are then added in, resulting in a delightful tangerine-orange broth that simply leaves you wanting more.

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Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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