Jiu Xiang Xiang

Brand Description

Here at Jiu Xiang Xiang Roasted Delights, roasted duck is our top specialty. Whole ducks are oven-roasted to ultimate perfection, glazed generously with our special sauce. Reddish-brown and crispy exterior, coupled with irresistibly juicy and tender meat within. What’s there not to enjoy?

With our very own duck farm located in Malaysia, Jiu Xiang Xiang Roasted Delights has an undisrupted supply of ducks, readily imported to Singapore. Prices are kept affordable for locals without compromising on taste. This is Jiu Xiang Xiang’s little secret to being the number one go-to spot for locals for delicious yet affordable roasted whole ducks.

Here at Jiu Xiang Xiang Roasted Delights, we serve our roasted cuts with our special in-house chili sauce, with bits of ikan bilis in it. Sweet, savoury and tangy, this chili sauce is an amalgamation of these flavours, making it a great pair with any type of roasted delights.

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Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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