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Nyonya Taste

Brand Description

Here at Nyonya Taste by Brew & Bar, traditional and authentic Peranakan food can be paired with a wide selection of craft beers in a restaurant setting, offering a quirky way to enjoy local Peranakan flavours. 

In 2018, ​​Sarah Tay and Cheney Chua, entered the Food & Beverage industry, setting up Brew & Bar, which started out as a bar that offered a select few options of Peranakan food. Over time, as the demand for Peranakan delicacies at the bar grew, people constantly came back for more. In response to a rising demand, the owners then turned the bar into a full-fledged Peranakan restaurant.

Nyonya Taste by Brew & Bar is a hidden gem tucked away in the East, run by a Peranakan family, passionate to keep the Nyonya tradition and food alive. Nyonya Taste takes pride in keeping their dishes as true and authentic to traditional Peranakan flavours, that is an amalgamation of common malay, chinese and indian dishes, owing all to their family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

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Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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