Hock Kee Fried Oyster

Brand Description

Fried Oyster, known locally as Orh Luak, is a Chinese delicacy made by stir frying egg batter, potato starch and small oysters together. Hock Kee Fried Oyster offers Fried Oyster at a various price range, for customers to indulge in this savoury dish.


Mr Simon Poh, owner of Hock Kee Fried Oyster has been frying this local delicacy since he was young. With decades of culinary experience, Mr Poh took a leap of faith and started this business in 1997. Hock Kee Fried Oyster now has 15 years of history, and is managed by first generation hawkers Mr Poh and his wife, Mdm Joey Lim.

Mr Simon Poh seeks to obtain high quality ingredients and fresh oysters, which is the secret of successfully building a loyal fanbase. Coupled with Mr Poh’s exemplary skills in serving this local delicacy, Hock Kee Fried Oyster never fails to leave its customers craving for more.

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Franchise Format

Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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