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Yuan He Mee Jian Kueh

Brand Description

Over at Yuan He Mee Jian Kueh, prepare your taste buds to indulge in crisp Singaporean traditional pancakes (Mee Jian Kueh, 面煎粿). Yuan He Mee Jian Kueh offers a wide range of fillings which ranges from traditional peanut and coconut to extraordinary combinations such as cheese and ham.


Mr Lee  first opened the Mee Jian Kueh store due to his love for this traditional delicacy. His passion and love for it was what motivated him to pick up the skill of making Mee Jian Kueh. After years of research and development, Mr Lee succeeded in his venture, and set up Yuan He Mee Jian Kueh. Now, the legacy of Yuan He Mee Jian Kueh is to be carried on by his two sons, serving traditional Mee Jian Kueh with a modern twist to better cater to the taste buds of the younger generation.

Franchise Format

Standalone Outlet, Food Court

Franchise Country