Pao Fan Paradise

Brand Description

Paofan, which translates to submerging rice, is a dish made up of Rice poached in broth with generous toppings and comes in a variety of flavours. This simple dish offered by Paofan Paradise is a comfort food for many Singaporeans which feeds the body and nourishes the soul.

What is so special about their dishes is that instead of plain white rice poached in soup, Paofan Paradise adds a twist to their dishes by substituting white rice with egg fried rice. This gives their pao fan additional fragrance and wok hei taste. The uniqueness in their dish indeed sets them apart from their competitors!

Paofan paradise specialises in seafood Pao Fan, including: Crab Meat Pao Fan, Lobster Pao Fan, Flower Crab Pao Fan, Ginseng Chicken Pao Fan, White Pepper Pork Stomach Chicken Pao Fan and XO fish Pao Fan.

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Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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