Tian Xiang Wanton Noodles

Brand Description

Tian Xiang Wanton Mee is highly acclaimed for its mouthwatering wanton mee with a traditional taste that brings people back to simpler times. They take pride in their signature wanton mee due to its handpicked ingredients and unique recipe. It is an amalgamation of perfectly cooked components – whole egg noodles, tender char siew, crispy wanton and its addictive chilli sauce. Tian Xiang’s Wanton Mee is no doubt the go-to for your classic wanton.

Leslie Lee is a professional darts player. He is also the hawker stall owner of a renowned wanton mee store, Tian Xiang Wanton Mee. While his two professions may seem starkly different, Leslie embraces his two polarising jobs by deftly excelling in both areas. With a strong passion for the sport, Leslie’s time is occupied with practicing dart and frequent travels abroad. He decided then that starting his own business and being a young hawker would allow him to fulfil his dreams. Leslie’s father had been in the business of selling wanton for many years, so it was a no-brainer for him to take on the culinary legacy.

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Franchise Format

Standalone Outlet, Food Court

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